April 24, 2023

"I used RanDesign to draw a home and ADU (accessory dwelling unit) for me. From A to Z Rand did an excellent job of communicating and providing me with professional working drawings that many of my contractors stated were excellent.__The home designs and attention to detail were exceptional and consistent with the neighborhood of Old Colorado City where the project is located.__Moreover, all of this was done at a fraction of the cost compared to architects in town who were not service oriented and wanted substantially more for the same work.__I highly recommend Rand Stockton for your home design needs whether it's a new build, addition, or remodel."
August 28, 2021

"Rand designed our dream home just perfectly after listening to our requirements and 'like to have's. He is easy to work with and extraordinarily creative. Best of all: the house was constructable from the super-complete plans."
May 14, 2018

"As a Builder for almost 28 years in the Colorado Springs area, (Giltner Homes Inc., Ray Giltner, GC) Ray and I struggled with designers for the first decade trying to find someone with a vision who could infuse both creativity and function into their designs. We met Rand in the 1990's and found his plans met that criteria and more. We used him almost exclusively for the remainder of our career. His initial background as a truss designer enhanced his understanding of structural issues. His focus on detail was exemplary. Unlike former experiences, we never had a problem in the field where structural design imploded our vision for the amenities of the plan. We will always appreciate his contribution to our reputation as a quality Builder who provided distinctively designed homes for our clients."
May 14, 2018

"As a Custom Home Builder (Wood Works Unlimited, Inc) who likes to build Detailed, Unique and True Custom Homes I Value the experience and details Rand brings into each of his designs. I have built numerous plans that Rand has designed and each one has the details and design on paper to make the build process much easier. When my daughter approached me and wanted to build a house, without a 2nd thought I chose Rand as the Architect for the project. I Can Highly recommend Rand as an Architect in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas."
May 14, 2018

"Being a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in Colorado Springs, I have worked with many architects and designers. Rand is one of the best, his attention to detail is unmatched and his desire to design a home that gets constructed without any conflicts is stronger than anyone else I know. He has a solid knowledge of structural engineering and he draws his own structural plans. When it came time to build our house, we hired Rand as our home designer. We are very happy with our beautiful and comforting home. I confidently recommend Rand to anybody who wants a beautiful and functional home that will get built with minimal issues."